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The Lake District Beatrix Potter tour

Tour Highlights - a private tour through the Lake District of Beatrix Potter

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A private tour to explore the Lake District of Beatrix Potter and visit sights not possible on a group tour. This private tour is designed to take you back in time to appreciate a Lake District that was far removed from the popular visitor destination of today. A time when farming was the most important industry, roads were made of dirt and transport was by horse and carriage, steam trains and lake steamers. This was the Lakeland of Beatrix Potter - a landscape of small fields, herdwick sheep, whitewashed farms and stunning scenery.

Your driver guide will show you small villages, beautiful lakes and quiet viewpoints. A short journey on the steam yacht gondola with its plush velvet and brass interior is a journey back in time to how travel on the lakes used to be. For many people a highlight of a private tour to the Lake District is a visit to Beatrix Potter's home at Hill Top in the small village of Near Sawrey. We plan to visit at quieter times of the day for a more peaceful and appreciative experience plus have an exclusive private tour of Beatrix Potters former marital home and garden at Castle Cottage. The current resident Mandy Marshall is a recognised authority on Beatrix Potter and her legacy to the Lake District.  Castle Cottage is not open to the general public and this private tour of approx one and half hours offers a fascinating insight into the life of Beatrix Potter and her relationship with the land and people of the Lake District. 

Castle Cottage - former marital home of Beatrix PotterA view from the window of Castle Cottage

The finale of our tour is a visit to the recently restored Claife Station above Windermere that would have been frequented by Beatrix Potter before taking the ferry across the lake in the footsteps of those early pioneers of Lakeland tourism.


Near Sawrey in Winter - lovely! Beatrix Potter loved the snowy winters


Typical lake District scene - lake, mountains and sheep, little changed since Beatrix Potter lived here


Coniston Water - private driver guiding to stunning viewpoints

Private Tour Price

2-4 persons £475

5-8 persons £555


Tour start time: 0930 from Windermere

Tour end time : approx 1700


Optional Entry fees are not included.

Hill Top £10 per person

Steam yacht gondola approx £11 per person


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I never could have imagined such a great experience at Hill Top, one of the busiest sights in the Lakes. I had imagined crowds upon crowds of people, but it was exceptionally pleasant and peaceful.
I'm sure some of this was mere luck or that it wasn't full summer season, but Andy's inside knowledge certainly had a part in this great experience! Also went to other excellent sights I would otherwise not have known about. Great experience with an outstanding guide!

S.Forster USA

Excellent Service from Lake District Tours

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