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Could Spring be here at last??

This year the Lake District has seen a long drawn out winter which is great if you like the snow! 

For our visitors from Thailand we had a great winter experience - snowballs, sledging and awesome scenery.


Winter has been particularly hard for the farmers and sheep. The intense cold and snow means grass is hard to come by and unfortunately sheep get buried under snowdrifts and there has been a loss of livestock as a result


But now the sun is shining, the daffodils are at their best and new born lambs can be seen around every corner such as these at Hill Top. Unfortunately the late snow means the grass has barely started to grow so farmers are having to provide extra feed.


Published on Monday 22nd April 2013

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Blue Badge Tourist GuideTour the Lake District with a Blue Badge Tourist Guide,
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Lake District Tours start with an unfair advantage. The Lake District is one of the most sublimely beautiful places I’ve seen.

Their service is attuned to the scenery. Rather than travelling in big impersonal coaches, it’s as if you’re being driven around by friends who’ve been looking forward to your visit so they can show you, and share with you, the special places they’ve come to love.

After five memorable and varied weeks overseas, we’re telling family and friends how the Lake District tour was the highlight.

 Thanks again – Don & Judy Lipscombe

Lake District Tours Excellent service

“Four days of sublime scenery, most of which we would have missed had we not been guided by Andy.  He was generous with his exceptional local knowledge, was a considerate and careful driver, but mostly was a most enjoyable travelling companion.  Highly recommended.  Tim & Gethyn Prior”

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